The case for killing STR

Wait, what? Yes, killing, nixing, putting STR on the chopping block. A game without STR scores. That’s insane, I hear you cry. STR is usually one of the core scores, the hardest one to change, the last to go. It’s qualities are immediately obvious: A higher strength means you’re stronger, duh. Dexterity has to contendContinue reading “The case for killing STR”

Living under the Shadow of the Dungeon

Why are we, in the year of 2021, still talking about Dungeons and Dragons? Not the game, D&D. But the world, dragondungeonworld, the world of fighters, wizards, clerics and thieves. The hostile world, where players barge into places they don’t belong, kill their inhabitants, and loot the room. We can do it in space, withContinue reading “Living under the Shadow of the Dungeon”

Strongholds by any other name

Are you tired of the same old castles and wizard towers for random encounters? Roll 1d6 based on the biome to see what structures you generate! Note: I’m assuming you’ve already planned out the big cities/major locations of your game world, so these are just for random encounters, and naturally will be smaller in scope.Continue reading “Strongholds by any other name”

You, me, and reified numbers

So a while back I had a chat with a fellow gamer about HP. He mentioned that he wasn’t a big fan of metacurrencies (understandable). I then mentioned that, from a certain point of view, HP was a type of metacurrency. It had no immediate physical connection to the game (unlike, I dunno, your StrengthContinue reading “You, me, and reified numbers”

OD&D but PbtA

Recently I finally read White Box Fantasy Medieval Adventure Game. I made some comments about its seemingly hard-line, arbitrary nature. Helpful commenters informed me that this was not because the creators of Original Dungeons & Dragons (from which Swords and Wizardry and its clone White Box are derived) had any interest in hard, rules-as-written playContinue reading “OD&D but PbtA”

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