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Random thoughts from a random person, sometimes correlated to table-top role playing games.

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I attack the dungeon

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for. Random encounters, exploration, time tracking, all in one roll. When you take 30 minutes to explore a dungeon, make an Exploration Roll: roll 1d20 + Exploration Bonus (usually INT/WIS bonus, or level for statless games) vs the current level’s Difficulty Class. If you roll >= 20, you achieve aContinue reading “I attack the dungeon”

The case for killing STR

Wait, what? Yes, killing, nixing, putting STR on the chopping block. A game without STR scores. That’s insane, I hear you cry. STR is usually one of the core scores, the hardest one to change, the last to go. It’s qualities are immediately obvious: A higher strength means you’re stronger, duh. Dexterity has to contendContinue reading “The case for killing STR”

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