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You, me, and reified numbers

So a while back I had a chat with a fellow gamer about HP. He mentioned that he wasn’t a big fan of metacurrencies (understandable). I then mentioned that, from a certain point of view, HP was a type of metacurrency. It had no immediate physical connection to the game (unlike, I dunno, your StrengthContinue reading “You, me, and reified numbers”

OD&D but PbtA

Recently I finally read White Box Fantasy Medieval Adventure Game. I made some comments about its seemingly hard-line, arbitrary nature. Helpful commenters informed me that this was not because the creators of Original Dungeons & Dragons (from which Swords and Wizardry and its clone White Box are derived) had any interest in hard, rules-as-written playContinue reading “OD&D but PbtA”

Dissecting RPG Fantasy

What makes a game “generic”? What makes a game “original”? The weird and at times eclectic fantasy tropes in D&D, forged by the original booklets and codified through the ages, have more or less come to define the fantasy genre in RPGs. We can “tell” when someone is going for this type of fantasy, toContinue reading “Dissecting RPG Fantasy”

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