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Replacing the +1 Magic Sword

You’ve seen it before. The +1 Magic Sword. The +2 Plate mail, scattered across modules in place of actually interesting loot. It’s boring, and not very fun. Here are some suggestions for in world effects that can replace them. These stack, meaning that a +2 sword will have the +1 and the +2 bonus. +1:Continue reading “Replacing the +1 Magic Sword”


Introduction You are a ship. Not the captain, not the crew, you are the ship. Inspired by the game FTL: Faster than Light. Character Creation Name yourself. You start with a basic hull that can withstand 10 DMG and a basic engine. Roll three times on the following 1d10 table for additional MODULEs. By default,Continue reading “Spaceship!!!”

Party Condition

How do you make an adventure feel dangerous? A lot of the time the answer is “make them die quickly”. But obviously, there’s a limit to how quickly they can die before people start treating their characters like little meat puppets, which depending on what you want can either be great or awful. Ok, soContinue reading “Party Condition”

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